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To really grasp the nature of reality and that everything we see is truly coming out of our own mind is:

  • at first a lot to bite off

  • then, a bit nauseating

  • then pretty embarrassing and then, overtime,

  • the most liberating heart expanding experience ever!

Projections are sneaky little tricksters because they’re happening all the time “unconsciously”, meaning, we are not aware that this is happening.

It truly looks like an undeniable fact that THAT PERSON is an asshole, that SHE is self-absorbed, that HE is completely narcissistic, and that I am COMPLETELY different.

Especially when you have compiled OODLES of evidence to support this case.

And yet, what remains true is that everything we experience in someone else is coming out of our own mind.

Pause, breath, take that in..

This points to the fact that there is no undeniable reality that things just are a certain way. But rather, they are as WE are.

Ooh, I know, yuck, right?

When we first hear something like this, the brain will fight like hell to prove how right it is that this is just simply not so.

So I invite you to try it on, do a little Etch-a-Sketch shake with your brain for that person that you can’t stand, drives you absolutely freaking nuts, is definitely NOT like you (maybe its me) and open to the possibility that you have decided who they are, but who they REALLY are remains hidden behind your projection of them.

And because the people that trigger us the most are carrying a projection of our own shadow, I invite you to begi n with them.

Yep, they are your greatest teachers.

Practice opening up to wonder about hope their qualities that bother you so much are actually ones that you secretly would like to express more, but feel trapped in your own persona.

And when you can tolerate, even fully except them as they are, that means you’ve been on the process of coming home to yourself.

In my coaching sessions, we focus a lot on taking back projections, seeing them for what they are, and in the process, liberating ourselves from the chains that they create on our own sensitive self acceptance and enjoyment of life.

Contact me for a free intro session to get a taste of this life-changing work.

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