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November Awakenings

by Andrea Spacek, Transformational Coach & Yoga Teacher

November is a month of transitioning through the liminal space, pulling the senses inward to listen and feel for the truth. The eclipses on October 25th and November 8th add an extra special opportunity for revelations about what has been hidden from our view.

These hidden areas are called blindspots because we simply cannot see them on our own. They are aspects of our self or others that have been stuck in the shadows, and the eclipse portal helps to reveal them.

This can occur through a tough conversation with a friend or loved one, or bumping up against familiar ancient walls of resistance, resentment, grief, or fear. Revelations come when we least expect them, which is the energy of an eclipse - sudden, electric, jolting news.

The last eclipse delivered me with the re-surfacing of some really painful emotions, followed by a challenging conversation that caught me by surprise. I instantly felt these massive bodyguards who so faithfully guarded my precious little heart as a child shoot right out of the bushes to meet them. Instead of getting curious about the information coming at me, I defended myself with protective walls.

My old self would have left the conversation with my tail between my legs, cowering in a dark alleyway, in a self-deprecating spiral, cancelling my plans to join a friend for her birthday celebration to scrub out the stain of my error.

Instead, I picked up the phone and asked the woman who I was driving up with if she could talk because I was feeling stuck. A ball of tears, I shared what I was feeling, letting the emotions move through me, releasing myself from their weight. By the end of the conversation, I was freed up to move again and head out for the trip.

Once I got my bearings, I was able to see this old pattern of intense protection for what it was, and was reminded by a wise friend of three powerful words that would have let more love and connection into the conversation: "Tell Me More."

Not "I'm sorry", not "I should have, could have, would have", but "tell me more" about what it was like for you.

What a powerful place to stand - grounded in your self, open to more insight, and willing to be expanded by the other.

While I wasn't able to stand in that way for this particular conversation, I was grateful for the opportunity that it brought to heal an old pattern.

Rather than bracing yourself for the inevitable shocks of life, I invite you to soften your heart to being willing to see and be seen through the eyes of love, observing a soul (you) who earnestly longs to grow.

With your feet rooted in the Earth, and your heart rooted in a deep trust in yourself, look back at the other with the eyes of unconditional love and respond "Tell me more". Receive what comes at you like a breeze of insight, letting it move through you, rather than barrel you over. In that posture, you are freed up to surrender being right, and allow yourself to be love.

Check out the different doorways to expanding your ability to hold your self and others with unconditional love and acceptance with my upcoming Sacred YOUnion Group Coaching Container, Yoga Teacher Training, Yoga Classes, New Moon Circles, and Retreats here.

Free yourself up to move through life with wings, rather than thorns.

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