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Dancing in the Flames

by Andrea Spacek

The word “tantra” is made up of two parts: “tan” meaning to expand + “tra” meaning technology. Tantra yoga offers a technology for an inner expansion of the mind, body heart and spirit to hold greater and greater polarities, which can also be thought of as opposing points of tension. Lately, I’ve been being with the high sensation of desire. The ache of longing on a visceral level for… The ache I feel for my boys when they’re not here, for my beloved in his absence, for the visions yet to be made manifest, for the home I never had, for the dream of the family that is in ashes… I’ve come to associate that ache with emptiness; in other words, the opposite of having. So my impulse is to fill it with any number of “better” sensations: food, friends, podcasts, exercise, projects, orgasms, river plunges, yoga, mind altering substances… Yet, as I go deeper into being with this ache, I realize that I have perceived the ache as “bad” or a fire to be put out right away. I never considered that the experience of emptiness is the truest form of fullness that there is. In that longing, I may be empty of experiencing immediate satisfaction for my physical desires, but my heart is on fire with passion and love. I am full of aliveness. From this perspective, I see how the ache is just a symptom of living with my heart on fire. It’s a sign that I’m loving and feeling deeply. And I remember that this is my truest desire. To live and dance in the fire of aliveness. I would and have given it all up for that. Learning to harness the power of my breath, through the practice of yoga has been transformative in my ability to navigate life and its challenges, and to hold higher and higher levels of sensation within my body for the purpose of building both resiliency and experiencing ecstatic bliss ✨

My passion is re-igniting a fire in others - in their bellies, in their minds, in their hearts - a fire of transformation that opens up new worlds and ways of living, leading, and loving. So, what are you on fire 🔥 about right now? Share in the comments below ⬇️

Check out InVision's upcoming fire-starting trainings, including the 300-hr Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) starting in January 2024 , the initiatory Sacred YOUnion Journey, starting 11/11/23, and the next 200-hr YTT starting in August 2023.

Let’s build a bonfire of transformation together. One ignited heart ❤️‍🔥 at a time.

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