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Sacred YOUnion Group Immersion

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IFL Group Photo, 2021

"Andrea is a visionary mentor with a capacity to change lives, and bring women together in healing love." ~ Natascha Allen, IFL 2020

Are you longing to live in Divine Partnership with your Higher Self/Spirit?
Are you ready to activate and actualize the highest calling of your soul?
Are you ready to bring Heaven on Earth and Lead the Way to a Golden Age of Light on this Planet?

InVision Group Immersions are incubators for evolution, dedicated to supporting the spiritual development and embodiment of female leaders who are here for the Great Turning of Humanity in a group container.

Together, we practice ancient ritual, yogic practices, meditation, and deep presence, yoking spirit with matter, visions with action, and our ego with our oversoul.  Walking each other, and our self home.

"This secret life in us. The seen and unseen.

The speaking and the unspoken.

The one who is what she ought to be and the one who is not.

This other.

The one from whom we are split away.

Who follows us.

Whose words lie under our tongues.

Who speaks to us in our dreams."

Susan Griffin, Woman and Nature

Third Eye

InVision is a path of unfolding the lotus petals of your heart as you remember how to truly see the Self beyond the illusion of "me" and "mine".     


The group container holds you in a cocoon of unconditional love as you face your deepest fears and your deepest longing with the courage of a warrior, and the tender, abiding love of a mother.

Rooted in ancient spiritual texts, ritual, and meditation, and grounded in day-to-day modern living, you learn how to walk the path of the mystic in your daily and professional life.  


You remember that you have the power to weave a new world into being.  

You remember that you have always been the leader of your life, and are called upon now to lead a new way forward for humanity.

This is your birthright, and your responsibility.

You were born for exactly this time.

What will you gain?


Through this methodical process of Self-Realization, you will gain:​​

  • Activation of your unique DIVINE BLUEPRINT to unlock the magic that you are encoded with.

  • Tools to Ground and Anchor your NERVOUS SYSTEM.

  • Daily PRACTICES (movement, breath work, meditation) to support INTEGRATION of your soul codes.

  • INTIMACY with your body, Gaia, and all relations.

  • Self-EMPOWERMENT by reclaiming denied aspects of your self.

  • Direct communication with SPIRIT, and living from that place.

  • SOUL-led living by understanding your soul's divine mission.

  • A SOUL TRIBE of awakened women, leaders of light.

Flower Girl

What will my 4-month Sacred YOUnion Journey look like?


Your 4-month InVision Group Journey is designed to be easy to fit into your full schedule or work week, and you can participate from anywhere in the world.  


You will receive an online Training Manual with Sacred Practices, Astrological Insights, Activations, and Journal Prompts for you to keep forever.

We will have weekly zoom calls and new moon/full moon ceremony, as well as other activations live-streamed or live if local.

Your 4-month Journey Includes

  • Bi-Weekly Group Calls

  • Activations, Guided Journeys, Group Meditations, and Embodiment practices

  • Guided Visualizations - recorded and live

  • Astrology and Gene Key Reading 

  • New Moon Temple (monthly meetup)

  • Sacred Sister (accountability partner) 

  • Sacred YOUnion Ceremony 

**Bonus Offerings**​​

  • Bonus meditations, practices, and content

  • Live gatherings at the River and around Auburn

  • Free Access to InVision classes and workshops

  • Dream-tending support

  • Astrological Update


  • Monday (bi-weekly): Group Call at 10AM PST

  • Monthly New Moon Circle (Sundays, 2-4pm)

  • Monthly Meetups (Sundays, 2-4pm)

  • Daily Meditation and practices: (20-60 min/day) 

  • Suggested Readings (1-4 hours/week)

  • Total time per week: 3-5 hours

What is Your Financial Investment?

Pay in Full before May 5: $900 (save $300)

Pay in Full after May 5: $1,200

Or Monthly Payment: $333/4 months


"To the heart of this program Andrea thoughtfully and creatively, through open arms, unconditional Love, and effective mentoring, helped me unravel what was blocking what I truly want & to be.


As I sit here now with the completion of this time with Andrea and the group (for now) I can say that what’s come out of this experience is a deeper intimacy with my SELF, my heart, the earth & nature." 

— Chynna Cantrell, IFL 2021

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"InVision has been a beyond amazing experience for me.  I knew that I needed something like this, I just didn't know how much I needed it.  Being in community with other women that are also doing this work was beyond priceless.  

This experience will be one I look back to as a time of great shifting for me. I would highly recommend this program to anyone!"

— Becky Bradley, IFL 2020