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Transformative Life Coaching with InVision

Welcome to a New Paradigm, where each individual is called upon to realize their greatness, to integrate their Shadow/Unconscious with their Light/Conscious. I am honored to be here as a guide for the bridging of these two worlds that exist both within your heart and the heart of Humanity.  


Are you ready to take the the most important journey of your lifetime?


From living in your head, influenced primarily by pre-conditioned programs, to living in your heart, led by your Higher Self.

What is the InVision Coaching Process?

InVisionCoaching is a process of awakening out of the illusion of victimization, separation, limitation, and struggle to a life of possibility, magic, loving relationships, knowing that you are the Creatrix of it all.  


Through the process, you learn to trust your inner guidance system and the divine orchestration of supporting forces that are here to help you wildest visions come to fruition.  You start to ALLOW life to support you as you take powerful steps toward your goals, whether in your career, health, or personal relationships, living in divine partnership with life itself.


I find that most people know what they DON'T want, and what's NOT working, but not as many have a clear vision of what they DO want.


Or they have a vision of what they desire, and lack the clarity of steps to take and the will to keep their focus steady on that desire.  


We are distracted, over-scheduled, pulled on by the many roles that we play, and get lost in the river of life, forgetting that we ARE the river.

Woman on Bridge

What does the InVision Coaching Package Include?

InVision Coaching is an 8-Week Coaching Journey that culminates with you becoming an empowered Creator of the Life that you Imagined.  Together, we explore, clear, and re-establish the foundations upon which your dreams are built upon - your subconscious mind.  From there, we begin to use the power of the conscious, creative mind to move you towards the person, the relationships, and the life that you are here to embody.

Your Journey includes:

  • 8 Virtual Coaching Sessions (60 minute sessions) spread out over 2-3 months.

  • Suggested breathwork & yoga practices, nutritional support, and herbal supplements

  • Astrological Insights

  • Tarot Readings

  • Dreamwork Support

  • Shadow Integration Exercises

  • Customized live and recorded meditations

  • Rituals and Customized Practices to support your soul's expansion

  • 20% Discount on Thai Massage, Astrology Readings, and Retreats


Set up an introductory session with Andrea to see if this is the right Journey is right for you.






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