A very wise being reminded me the other day that when we observe with unconditional presence, we are OF SERVICE to that which we are observing.

Along my path of spiritual awakening, and as a coach and mentor, I spend a lot of time tracking and observing behavior - where it comes from, what the desired result is, and if it aligns with a deeper, truer desire.

When I heard him say this, I really heard it from the perspective of a parent.

First, I felt how one of the highest services I can offer my child is to hold them with loving awareness and in wonder of who they are.

Through that wondering, I witness them expand, feel empowered, and remember their intrinsic value.

I am reminded as well of how they are always observing us, looking to us for meaning, support, and connection. And in their observance, we become the parent, the mentor, the teacher. In our observance of them, they become the teacher, the guide.

It is such a beautiful dance, and one that creates a mutual respect and bond between the observer and the observed.

In Buddhism, this ancient practice is called Vipassana Meditation, and means to see things as they really are, and in doing so, seeing your self as you really are. This simple, yet, most profound practice has the capacity to heal the root cause of every illness, which is the experience of separation.

So in ob-serving of others, we are not only supporting the expansion of life and connection within the ob-served, but we are simultaneously healing our own sense of separation, loneliness, and despair.

Take time to be in awe of each other, and of life. Ob-serve a plant, or animal, or human and watch it expand right before your eyes. Especially when you are caught up in despair or loneliness. Let it be a doorway back to the one heart that we all share.

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