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Die Before you Die

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

by Andrea Spacek

I'm sorry if this is triggering to you, as I too have memories of being burned and choked and stabbed in the back for being a witch, a priestess, a healer, in other words, a WOMAN tapped into her wisdom. This incarnation is different, and yet, it's the same. But instead of being literally burned in the townsquare, we are roasted on Social Media platforms, or in social circles, or by religious dogma. We roast each other for being too big, too beautiful, too wise, too eager, too opinionated. We roast anyone who threatens the fabric of our belief systems that keep us holy and separate. Most of us will spend our whole lives avoiding being burned. I mean, what could be worse than that? Rejected, shorned, left out in the cold by society - no thanks! So we shun ourselves instead. Not our WHOLE selves, no, we keep the shiny parts, the "winning" formulas, the "A+" answers, the "good" stuff, while quietly chipping away the rejected, not enough, too much, magical, sensitive, intuitive parts, piece by piece. Instead of an instant death, we drag it out, in a torturously savory way, until we have completely forgotten who we are, what we're capable of, and what actually brings us joy and satisfaction. In our effort to avoid being rejected or proverbially burned by others, we do it ourselves. Burning up in our own un-lived dreams, repressed desires, resentment , and creative fire. I say, why choose to slowly die as you await your turn for the funeral pyre? Why not get it over with, and die before you die (not literally, but on an Ego level). I know, it's scary, even nauseating, not applicable to you because you're "fine", and besides, it's too much of a risk. But, I say it's too much of a risk to let another day go by before you truly LIVE. Open yourself up to the possibility that on the other side of the pyre is a whole new version of yourself who is anxiously waiting to meet you. Do you want to meet her? I offer you the gift of this powerful guided Journey to the Underworld to meet the Dark Goddess and reclaim that which is your soul's essence and calling to share.

It's time to fan the flames of your own sacred fire, and RISE.

In this moment of transformation, I encourage you to gain clarity and support on the next steps toward your vision with a FREE transformational coaching session. You will be so happy you did.

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