Becoming the Dream

"It's not enough to dream the big dream, we must walk toward it, alongside it, nurture it, find ways to live it and breathe it, until one day, we become it." - Andrea Spacek

(Photo above taken at the Sacred YOUnion Wedding Ceremony on October 1, 2022)

What you see here is a photo of a group of beautiful women dressed in beautiful dresses, with roses in their hands.

What I see is the embodiment of a dream, both mine, and theirs.

It's funny how that works, how the dream that you are holding so tightly in your heart, so afraid to let it fly, once realized, becomes the catalyst for many other dreams.

More powerful than what I see here is what I feel.

I feel my heart expanding outside of my chest, tears swelling in my eyes, and a love that only a mother knows for her child.

You see, we didn't just get together and play dress up - (though we discovered how much freaking FUN! that is).

No, many of these women have been on a journey with my through different sacred containers of transformational coaching over the past couple of years.

I have watched them move mountains in their lives, start businesses, leave dead end jobs, end painful and abusive marriages, start writing their books, and discover their voice and their power.

They showed up, again, and again, and again. To the calls, to the meditations, to the group gatherings, even in the midst of chaotic schedules, family obligations, and personal resistance.

We've cried together, laughed wildly together, shamanic journeyed together, and walked each other down the aisle.

I see a piece of me in each one of them - their struggles, their insecurities, their grief, their shame, and their childlike purity of heart and wonder.

You see, in the circle, no one gets to be more special than the other, each of us a leader and a priestess.