The Yoga of Relationships

Relationships aren’t here to make us happy, they’re here to break us open, to humble our false sense of Self.

Like so many women, I subconsciously spent a good portion of my life looking for that guy that would save me.

Now, I never would have admitted that, to myself or anyone else. I wasn’t a damsel in distress. Please!! No, I was a strong independent woman who was “all set” with Prince Charming.

But while I said that to myself and others, subconsciously, I had bought into the fairytale myth about #marriage that most of us do. The ones where my partner person “complete” me, balance me, hold me upright where I am wobbly, be my other half.

In the beginning, we were “meant to be”, a perfect fit to my heart and soul. All was finally right with the world. (Deep dreamy sigh). Dan felt like a lucky charm, destined to make all of my dreams come true.

And then..well, if you’ve been #married for a decade or more, you know.

The lucky charm gets lost in a diaper bag, the kids become your entire world for a while, and everything is about the family, rather than the #partnership. And while you may share the same bed, slowly, but surely, you find yourself alone, once again, to face your dragons. Yeah, the ones that you thought your knight in shining armor would slay for you – those ones.

At that point, you have two choices: find another dragon-slaying knight to rescue you again, or learn how to use a sword.

Yoga is not just the union or integration of the self. Before that can happen, the yogini must undergo a dismantling of her armor, of all the ways that she has cut herself off from the #Divine. It is a process of taking responsibility for what is yours to nurture and what is yours to slay.

It is a journey home – a home that no one else can build for you, because it resides beyond this material reality. The road to getting there is rocky, and at best, our partners are there to help lighten the load, through their support and faith in us. They help us keep the hearth burning when we don’t have the strength.

But they are on their own journey, and aren’t always able to provide what we need. It is in those moments that the real #Yoga begins. Rather then rely on the comfort of familiarity, we are asked to dig deep within ourselves and allow for that which haunts us to come inside.

To finally face our dragons, and rather than slay them, and make space in our home and our heart for this intolerable creature to teach us new ways to love.

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Check out this track by Trevor Hall, Without Expectation to integrate:

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