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Shiva ♾ Shakti

The deeper you go into anything here, the closer you come to the simple truth = there is no separation between spirit and matter, masculine and feminine, body and Earth, not even between sexuality and spirituality. Yet we still use a dualistic language that operates on the premise and intention of separating everything here into neat little categories to box, package, sell, dissect, and judge as "good" or "bad". With the rise of Yoga practitioners, plant medicine participants, and the dissolution of many of the old fundamentalist doctrines that ruled the roost for too long, humans are having experiences with their multi-dimensional selves, and seeing how much more they are connected than separate, from each other and all of creation. The divide that I believe is at the root of most "problems" on this planet, and the key to their solutions is a complete disassociation, not just between our head and our heart, but between our root and our crown. We deny both that we are innately Divine, and that we are innately human "of the humus/Earth". We also deny that have both masculine and feminine/ shiva and shakti energies flowing through each one of us, regardless of gender. These two energies desire nothing more than to dance a never-ending dance of co-creation together, yet we mostly limit this dance to the bedroom. In this Age of Aquarius, we are called to overcome our fears of what it means to be in male-female relationships and create new partnerships of brotherhood and sisterhood, showing each other the way, educating each other through compassionate communication and patience. For many, this is uncharted territory, because for so long we have been conditioned to assume that when a man and woman come together it means they are in a sexual relationship or love affair. We perpetuate the myth each time we project this onto others. I still have my own fears and de-conditioning to do around this dynamic, but I know that it begins with me. It begins with unpacking your own baggage around sexuality and power, and integrating your masculine and your feminine. We come together in our soverignty, fully embodied, fully in love, ready to dance.

Are you ready to dance your way to a whole new experience of your life, your power, your fullest self-expression? Contact me for a FREE intro session to begin your journey today.

Image: by Android Jones

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