Never Not Broken

I realized that I was finished with a particular therapist years ago when I hit a wall - the wall of bandaging.

Each session, we talked about developing strategies for keeping my heart safe from future potential damage. From family, friends, lovers, colleagues - even myself.

We looked at all the ways that I was wronged, and deserve better.

In the middle of a session one day, as we were discussing how I would manage all of the anxieties that were arising around an upcoming trip to visit family, the sound of my therapist's humdrum voice was drowned out by what sounded like a cacophony of voices banging around inside me, shouting, "but we don't want to be safe, we want to be FREE!"

This moment marked the beginning of a whole new spiritual journey for me.

The one that I began 10 years before (which I'd imagine, is where most of us begin) was healing what felt broken. Essentially, gathering up the pieces of my life in an effort to understand it, and how I ended up feeling so lonely and anxious – how I came to feel “broken”.

There was a HUGE value to this leg of the journey. I needed to discover that I was WORTHY of feeling safe and sound and whole.

But it can't be the end...not if you want to be free. No, it's just the beginning.

The truth is, there is no "safe" way to live a life of LOVE, not the real kind that takes your breath away, again, and again, and brings you to your knees at it's unending beauty and pain.

A love like that is wild and dangerous.

And it's why I have incarnated as a human being thousands of lifetimes.

It means I cry ALOT at weddings, funerals, movies, sunsets, every Sunday at church. I cry because I am she who FEELS is all, and am committed to feeling until we all remember how fucking magnificent it is to BE here now, together, in love, and ALIVE.

Don't stop at is too short and delicious.

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