Insecurity is a Doorway to Power

by Andrea Spacek

Insecurity isn’t an innate feeling that human beings have. In other words, it is not an emotion by nature, it is one that is nurtured. Yet, it’s one of the most pervasive feelings that people in our culture experience on a daily basis.

Most of us walk around feeling insecure about all sorts of things - how much money we have in the bank, how toned our body is or isn’t, how we look and are perceived by others, how we share what’s on our hearts, how intelligent we will come off to be, how worthy of love we are, and on and on.

But, pure consciousness doesn’t feel abundance or lack, ugly or beauty, smart or stupid, worthy or unworthy. It just IS.

So where does insecurity come from?

It comes from wanting something that you don’t “think” you have already.

Think about it.

Why would you feel insecure about not being toned if you didn’t want to be more toned? Why would you feel judged by others if you weren’t already judging yourself? And, more importantly, why do you REALLY want to be toned in the first place?

Is it because you are inherently wired to have a certain looking body that suspiciously resembles the type of body that you see on TV, magazines, or in movies?

Is it because you think that toned people have more fun, or love themselves more, or have better sex?

Or is it because one of the boys at school called you Chubby Checker in 2nd Grade and it’s still clouding your self image?

We all walk around stuffed full of stories. Of memories, floating around, out of context, from the viewpoint of a small child or pre-pubescent youth, coloring our lens of who we are, what we are worthy of having, and what people expect from us.

And then it is decided, by the elusive character called the subconscious, that you ARE that pile of stories.