Individuation, when used in psychology, describes the process that InVision Coaching takes you through.

From a conglomeration of past conditioning, collective unconsciousness, karmic binds, and personal desires, inclinations, and gifts, to a unique expression of the divine spark that you are.

I describe my style of coaching as Mystical because it is a journey through the cosmic realms, and a process of becoming a bridge between the unseen to the seen – spirit and matter.

It is the journey of Self-Actualization, as mapped out so brilliantly by the Yogis in the Yoga Sutras.

Don't worry, though, you don't have to practice Yoga asana to arrive at your destination (though it greatly accelerates the process).

As a Guide, I meet individuals in one of two places on their journey:

They have been primarily hanging out in the 3-D Matrix of reality, finding success in their careers, and their lives externally, but are longing to re-connect with the mystical/spiritual aspect of life - their higher Self.


They are living in the higher realms, and accessing higher states of consciousness, but are lacking a stabilized, physical container to effectively utilize their magic to serve.

Most of us feel stuck in one or the other, unable to live an integrated life.

The process of becoming an integrated expression of both is what Jung called Individuation.

The good news is that we don't have to choose. There is a way to live in the world and not “of” it, staying on the leading edge of consciousness, pioneering a new way forward.

Set up a free call with me to find out how. Today is always the best day to begin.


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