Gathering the Sacred Waters

Gather yourself, your creative juices, your vital waters, your juicy desires, your community of sisters and brothers.

Gather your breath, your limbs, your life force, your focus.

Tend to you body, your dreams, your allies, your heart, your home.

Rest deeply and drink from the well of infinite possibilities, of unconditional love from the Great Mother, and the stabilizing force of the Great Father.

Honor your inner knowing, and practice a higher level of self-care than you have known.

It may look on the surface that nothing is happening, but drop below the seen and sense all that is being reorganized within your cells, organs, and heart to receive the new reality that you agreed to step into.

Trust your timing. It’s absolutely perfect. You are being led to exactly the right next step for you.

Let it come. Let it come. Let it come.

So it is 🌀✨🐋✨🌀

Photo 📸 by @alyssakeysphoto


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