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Full Moon in Pisces, September 10, 2022

Full Moon at 17 degrees Pisces

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I don't know if it's my Pisces Sun or Virgo Ascendant, but this Pisces Full Moon has me in my bliss body 🧜🏼‍♀️

Watery, mystical, pleasure-forward, rich dreams, synchronicities, and deep feelings are all themes of this planetary alignment.

What it's also calling forth is for us to DIVE DEEPLY 🐋 into "that thing" that you have been dabbling in for years.

Perhaps it's your spiritual life, your yoga practice, astrology, your relationships, your health, a study of something, a creative project, or your business.

The full moon is shining a bright light on it now, reminding you that you are ready for this next step toward realizing your desire to achieve a deeper understanding, connection to, or mastery of it.

Pisces is all about exploring the deep waters of the subconscious, the feelings, the inner capacities, and the potential of things. Virgo gives us the master plan to go execute our hunches and realize our goals. Together, they are a force!

Notice how life‘s been preparing you for this particular moment of commitment, for you to say a wholehearted YES to this next part of the journey.

Take time today to write down that that thing is that you are committing to nurturing with your intention, attention, and consistent action.

Hold it in your mind's eye, see yourself fulfilling your desire. Watch yourself take the steps, and celebrate the feeling of satisfaction, power, and juicy aliveness that you experience along the way.

It's not for someone else, it's for YOU.

If you'd like to discover more about how the current and upcoming cosmic alignments are supporting your soul's journey, and how aligned you are to the the course of life that your stars are charting, book a 1:1 Astrology Reading with me.

All readings include a look at current transits, progressed charts, and an annual forecast, along with a Tarot Reading 🔮.

If you really want a DEEP DIVE, contact me for a free consultation on participating in one of my coaching containers. These 3 or 6-month personalized journeys are designed to support you in realizing your power, your magick, and your dreams by taking powerful actions towards them and witnessing all of the subconscious programs that get stirred up to be transformed along the way. We always include a look at your astrology chart, taking note of how current alignments are affecting you through the process.

Now is always the best time to start living your best life.

Happy swimming fellow fishies 💕

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