Become an Anchor

Yesterday morning, I sat down to my morning #meditation, just as I do every day.

I closed my eyes, felt the sweetness of my breath consciously filling my body, and an image similar to this one flashed across my mind.

I saw myself sitting in the middle of a busy street, with everyone racing around above me, undisturbed as I sat silently below. And I was brought back into contact with one of the many reasons why I sit every morning.

Yes, I sit to anchor myself, and my Mercurial mind that is constantly pouring forth ideas and integrating downloads.

But, the bigger WHY, is that I do it for the people that I come into contact with, and as an act of devotion to the #world that I am co-creating.

When I am anchored in that steady flow of connection to all that is, carried by my breath, I am naturally an anchor for the #environment around me.

The vibration of #harmony that starts to hum inside of me ripples out to the next person, and the next one, until a shift starts to happen.

The pace slows down.

Chaos starts to steady itself.

And the way that we interact with each other naturally becomes more #kind.

Kindness takes patience. It takes us slowing down the pace of our hearts.

In that simple act, we become an anchor, matching our heartbeat with Gaia, remembering that the umbilical cord doesn't just go up to #Spirit, it goes down deep into the #Earth below.

Through meditation, we become the bridge.

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