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Astrology is a Doorway to Power

Photo by Ashely Josephine Foreman

Sun ☀️ Venus and Mars in Pisces ♓️ in the 7th house

If you know something about astrology, you get it.

If you don’t, let me fill you in: intimate relationships challenge me.

In my effort to continually dive deeper into the truth of reality, feelings, and spiritual understanding, I often find myself swimming the other way from the people right in front of me.

This is not a conscious thought process, but rather a deeply ingrained pattern, a way of being, that was both learned, and part of my soul’s healing journey.

One of the reasons that I became an astrologer was to support people in accepting themselves through their chart.

For instance, I just thought I was bad at relationships, or self-absorbed, or narcissistic, and then I get an astrology reading from a stranger, then another, then another, and they somehow know my life story!

Before me, I see all of my perceived limitations right there, reflected in a charted course for my soul’s journey.

This is in no way to excuse behavior, but it absolutely helped me to accept certain ways of being in a way that freed me to move forward with love rather than shame and awareness about where I can get tripped up.

Having Pisces in the 7th house of committed relationships can show up as being noncommittal, wanting to always escape from the confines of a contract, and wanting only the romantic and spiritual aspects of relationship, rather than the daily grind.

AND I can absolutely choose to be married, and have long-term friends. Indeed, I have. It just means that for me it will be more of a challenge and a conscious choice then for others.

There is so much power in understanding your blueprint because, just like any good map, it serves to liberate, rather than bind you, to a destination.

Rather than being a victim of a certain destiny or way of being, you become the pilot 👩‍✈️, flying with expanded awareness.

Discover more about your soul’s blueprint, your strengths, your challenges, & your soul’s destiny booking an astrology reading with me today!

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