Are you here to Lead a New Way forward?

We are at a Great Turning as a species.


A New Paradigm is taking shape, and it needs extra-ordinary human beings to pave the way.  


Human beings who are Heart-Centered, Earth-Based, Vision-Led, and Spirit-Guided.

If you are reading this now, it's because You are one of them.  

I am here to support you in this great transformation that begins inside of you.

How do you begin this journey of 10,000 steps?  


Try this guided meditation to connect with your Inner Leader today.

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"Mastering others is strength.

Mastering yourself is true power."

~ Lao Tzu

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Transform yourself as a Leader  

Are you feeling alone, depleted, and uncertain about your next steps?

Do you feel the immense weight of holding the world together by yourself?

Are you ready to be supported emotionally, spiritually, and practically in your personal and professional life?

Every leader needs a guide.

Not to tell you what to do - but to reflect your innate wisdom back to you.

Someone to re-orient you to your heart and your soul's purpose.  

Jungian Coaching is a style of life coaching that is based on Eastern Spirituality, Jungian Psychology, and Neuroscience.  

It offers you a systematic pathway back to your higher Self and the bigger picture of your life's work.

What is the InVision Coaching way?









InVision Coaching offers an integrative approach to coaching, combining embodiment, philosophy, coaching styles, and mystics for a dynamic and soulful journey.

“Andrea was born to do this work! She has a gift of not only seeing you and compassionately guiding you but also empowering you!


Every time I have a session with Andrea I feel like I know and love myself on a deeper level, and leave feeling inspired.


Our sessions hit home to me on a seriously deep and impactful level. Andrea has helped me see and work through my blocks, fears, and doubts in order for me to step into the fullest version of myself that I was always meant to be. For this I am forever grateful!


Every woman needs this work and I couldn’t recommend Andrea more!" 

- Kelly Austin

Andrea has a unique ability to show up with profound presence and love, seeing things from a perspective that both calls you forward into expressing yourself honestly—while also seeing where you are stuck and encouraging you grow beyond your limitations. 


Andrea holds the sacredness of vulnerability with such care; when I opened up in this circle of women, I felt seen, encouraged and supported. 


From InVision, I received real tools to help propel me forward into stepping into my natural leadership abilities. 


I see now, that as women in the world of today, it our divine responsibility to show up powerfully, to share our stories and to embody a new future for humanity.

- Hailey K.

InVision has offered me a safe container and inspired guidance to connect to the warm, and gentle divine feminine and that often times I hide from, for fear of being too vulnerable. 


I’ve known that work needs to be done in order to progress in certain areas of my life. However, my ultra independence and fear of vulnerability has blocked me in the past from being as open as I’ve been able to be in IFL. 

I have taken hundreds of hours of yoga teacher training and never have I experienced such ease in finding my center.  


I believe Andrea is a visionary mentor with a capacity to change lives, and bring women together in healing love.

- Natasha Allen

When I found Invision Leadership I was at a pivotal point in my life. I had a vision of where I wanted to go and I even held the map in my hand, but I feeling shaky and scared to take more than a few steps on the path. There was a lot on the line for me in my business and my personal life and I felt afraid that I may not be able to stay the course without support. 

Facing the shadows of my past was illuminating, not terrifying with the loving and generous support of Andrea’s skilled coaching.


I felt like I came home to a more fully integrated, heart centered place within myself and am grateful each and every day to be living a more whole, empowered and creative life of wholeness. Thank you Andrea! 

- Jessica Gutierrez

What clients are saying

Meet Andrea

Jungian Coach

It struck me from a young age just how heavy it can feel to be a leader.  


Whether a mother, a professional, a famous speaker, the weight of that role felt significant to my little heart.  

I notice that what most female leaders share in common is that they have huge hearts, full plates, and aren't the best at asking for support.  

If it weren't for the many wise women, teachers, and guides along my journey, I would have given up a long time ago.  It is in their honor that I offer my support.


InVision Feminine Leadership Coaching - Group and 1:1