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Service Description

InVision Coaching packages guide you on the most important pilgrimage of your life - from your head to your heart - the result is living a life that only existed in your dreams. Through the process, you will learn how to live in divine partnership with your spirit to manifest these visions into creations. How does it work? InVision Coaching incorporates yoga philosophy, Jungian psychology, meditation, embodiment, mystical arts, astrology, and neuroscience to meet you where you're at, and expand your heart and mind in a way that places your Higher Self in the driver seat, with your Ego as the co-pilot. From this sacred union, everything becomes possible. What is the commitment? Choose from 1 of the Signature Coaching Packages below, based on your level of commitment to transformation: 1:1 Transformational Coaching Session Gain clarity, vision, and action steps toward your soul's next steps toward your highest purpose. Sessions are guided by Spirit, and may include a combination of the following tools: -Astrological Insights -Intuitive Soul Reading -Tarot Reading -Guided Visualization for subconscious communication -Deep Presence Sacred YOUnion Coaching Package - 8 x 1-hour Transformational Coaching Sessions -Customized live and recorded meditations -Audio message or email support -Astrology reading -Numerology and Gene Key Report -20% Discount on Thai Massage, Astrology Readings, and Retreats while under contract. Book an intro session to discover more! Set up an introductory session to see if this is the right Process for you.

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