There is a Ladder

If you haven’t read the complete poem from which this cut and pasted quote is based, it’s called Diving into the Wreck by Adrienne Rich.

There is something so ominous and hopeful about the line: “There is a ladder”, after her description of gearing up for a scuba dive, alone.

It evokes the experience of the #individuation process that I guide people through, and through which I have been forever transformed.

Just yesterday, I shared with my group why we are best to have a #coach, mentor, or therapist for the “deep dives”, because they act like scuba gear for those parts of the process where we run out of oxygen.

And you will.

No matter how physically fit, mentally strong, or spiritually convicted, the process of realizing your true Self and integrating your fragmented parts is a process of deconstruction.

Individuation is to consciously choose to allow the thick walls that you subconsciously constructed with your #ego to crumble in the #presence of unconditional love.

And as that happens, it feels like you’re dying on some level, because an old self is getting put to rest. This can lead to terrifying moments, which will ask you to step into greater authority of your life.

If you have participated in plant medicine journeys, you understand this.

The medicine woman holds the field for #transformation to occur. That is the role of the coach – to provide the scuba gear, and dangle the ladder for the diver to climb back out.

I am forever grateful for every one of the coaches, #shamans, therapists, teachers, and friends who have been like scuba gear for my soul’s journey through the depths.

They are all guides from beyond.

I am proud to stand among them – a ladder into the deep.



Listen to this hauntingly beautiful expression of being in the deep by Florence + The Machine:

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