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InVision Feminine Leadership - Mother

Feb 27, 2022 - Apr 23, 2022

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Who is the Divine Mother? How do we make contact with her? What wisdom does she hold for our suffering world? How do we embody her power, her grace, or unconditional love? We find HER within our relationship to our body, our sexuality, our power, our willingness to open to life as it comes toward us. We summon HER with the power of our belief, the strength of our connection to God/Spirit/ Gaia’s wisdom, with our own the steadfast unlimited love of self and other. We claim HER by taking responsibility for our lives, for our worth, and our happiness. We first imagine how SHE would move and create and dance and act, and we dance her into existence in our daily lives. This 9-week immersion into the Mother with InVision takes us deep on a journey through our relationship with our Body, Money, Sexuality, Creation, the Mother archetypes, and the Earth. What is included: • Weekly Group Coaching Calls • Recorded Weekly Lesson • Companion Reading – Woman and Nature • Yoga, breathwork, and meditation journeys • Monthly New Moon Temple (live and virtual option) • Community support in Mighty Networks • Astrological Insights • Dreamwork Support • 1 FREE Coaching Call What is the result of this process? An empowered relationship to: Your body as a sacred vessel of divine intelligence, ecstasy, and power; Your will to act on your wildest dreams with clear intention and expanded capacity; Your sovereignty, as it relates to all beings.

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